General Scope of Work

General Scope of Work

As a general outline of the scope of work, Range West can one, provide an analysis of the impact to property that is being taken as a result of a total or partial acquisition by an agency possessing the powers of Eminent Domain (“Agencies”), two, provide relocation services, and three, provide support to the Law Department or counsel retained in defense of claims by such Agencies. The analysis will consider the impacts to the following including, but not limited to:

  • storm water detention (underground vaults, off-site provisions, cross easements, etc.)
  • curb cut widths, locations, quantity
  • limitations on access due to medians, frontage roads, limited access facilities, retaining walls
  • impaired visibility due to interchange construction
  • grade changes
  • impact on ability to remodel or redesign
  • set-back violations ( signs, structural and building)
  • parking requirements and locations
  • cross access easements
  • on-site circulation
  • queuing and stacking of vehicles
  • advertising sign relocation
  • non-conformity issues
  • landscape buffers

Range West performs the following work, as necessary, to complete the analysis:

  • review existing site plans
  • produce “take-overlays”
  • develop new site plans
  • review Agency documentation and information regarding the extent of the acquisition, timing of the project, and length of potential construction
  • design intervention to determine if engineering can be modified to ameliorate impact to a property
  • review construction plans and grade profiles
  • review legal descriptions
  • take photographs
  • obtain aerial photographs
  • review engineering and environmental reports

Review federal, state, and local statutes and regulations, including:

  • zoning regulations
  • Uniform Fire Code
  • OSHA requirements
  • Uniform Building Code
  • Uniform Relocation Assistance Act
  • relocation statutes
  • Valuation Analysis, including:
  • review of valuation information from acquiring agency
  • verify cost of cure
  • verify comparable sales
  • provide analysis of valuation review
  • develop revised cost of cure

Range West performs all this work with aim of providing a comprehensive impact report which will communicate all potential threats and damages posed to a property as a result of a right of way acquisition.

Relocation assistance including:     

  • real property election vs. personal property
  • move planning
  • monitor agency compliance with relocation statutes/URA
  • bid review on relocation cost estimates
  • provide substitute property calculations
  • provide direct loss property calculations
  • provide and develop reestablishment expenses
  • Range West performs the following services to provide support to the Law Department or retained outside counsel in defense of claims if a settlement cannot be reached pre-condemnation:
  • attend meetings and hold discussions concerning the proposed taking with agencies
  • preparation of trial exhibits
  • prepare for depositions
  • provide expert witness testimony
  • document review and summarization