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Range West implements project design intervention in an attempt to save corporate properties that have tremendous income potential, captured market share, or that have limited development or redevelopment potential due to existing zoning or environmental concerns. Design intervention is based on the specific needs and requirements of the individual property owner’s use and the development potential or the preservation of an existing property. Intervention in government projects is best accomplished at the earliest stages of government project planning. Once conceptual project engineering is completed and approved by the controlling government agency, the opportunity for successful design intervention is greatly reduced. Design intervention is accomplished through alternative engineering, negotiations, cost benefit analysis, valuation, community awareness, and education. Specific design intervention tactics may vary greatly depending on the type of intervention sought and the location of the property.

Impact analysis is the visual and analytical aid utilized to determine the effects of government projects on the operation, development or redevelopment of a specific property. The analysis provides for the development of alternative solutions to eliminate or reduce damages caused by the development of the proposed project. The development of solutions to eliminate or reduce damages provides the basis for a cost benefit analysis. Typically, government project design does not focus on the needs of a specific property but rather on the benefits to the general public with the result that the specific impacts to a particular property are often overlooked.

Relocation assistance applies to personal property or trade fixtures that are not considered real property by the agency acquiring the property. Relocation assistance is provided by the acquiring agency when the partial or total taking of a property displaces the onsite business. Payment to the displaced business or relocation of personal property is required on all projects containing federal funding and also by a majority of state statutes if federal funding is absent. Payment to a displacee’s business can include site search for new location, move costs, professional services for planning the move, substitute personal property, direct loss of personal property , and business reestablishment.

Depending on the extent of the taking, all or some of the above may be utilized in the analysis of just compensation and the effect of the taking on the property and its operation. When completed, the impact analysis will provide a narrative on potential design intervention, damages, cost of cure, relocation assistance.